Are AHAs or BHAs best for your skin?

There is no doubt that it's very important to regularly exfoliate the skin on your face. This is how you will remove dead skin cells that give your skin an uneven appearance to reveal the freshest, brightest skin underneath. In the old days of skincare, this meant lots of facial scrubs. Nowadays, people are wary of such scrubs because they can cause fine tears in the skin, and acid treatments have taken over as the exfoliants of choice.

How to Banish Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

There are a number of beautifying things you might want to do for yourself with a do-it-yourself approach. When it comes to DIY beauty, some processes are trickier than others. A DIY manicure? Sure. Cutting your own hair? Maybe not, unless you're just trimming your fringe. DIY waxing? It's possible, but there are some key benefits to going to a salon for this. Waxing some parts of your body requires you to become a contortionist, with your hand awkwardly angled over the area to be waxed.

Skip the Bar & Hit the Spa: The Better Hens Party

Although no day is more important than your wedding itself, the hens party is certainly a significant part of the proceedings. It's supposed to be a fun time for you and your closest friends to spend together before you get married, but many people feel pressured to turn it into a wild night you can't remember — let alone that you'll never forget. That's fun for the right kind of person, and more power to them, but if you and your group are a quieter sort, don't feel you need to force yourself.

4 Ways To Prepare For A Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage is generally part of an overall treatment plan to help people relax and recover from injuries by increasing flexibility, improving muscle tone and loosening limbs. From athletes and sportsmen to office workers and tradesman, therapeutic massages can make a positive body impact. Here are some ways to help you better prepare for one. Identify The Tight Spots In Your Body A therapeutic massage can help to reduce stress and alleviate discomfort in your body, which can make you feel rejuvenated over time.

Tips to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

After pregnancy or rapid weight loss, many people battle with the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks will not have an impact on your health in any way, but for many, it decreases their self-confidence in exposing these areas in public. Thus, most people are at their wit's end trying to get rid of these marks. Medical procedures such as surgical planning are techniques that can be used to eliminate stretch marks.