Skip the Bar & Hit the Spa: The Better Hens Party

Although no day is more important than your wedding itself, the hens party is certainly a significant part of the proceedings. It's supposed to be a fun time for you and your closest friends to spend together before you get married, but many people feel pressured to turn it into a wild night you can't remember — let alone that you'll never forget. That's fun for the right kind of person, and more power to them, but if you and your group are a quieter sort, don't feel you need to force yourself. There are alternatives you'll enjoy far better, and spending a day at the spa is just one of them.

Space to Talk

You won't be trying to hear over a heavy beat or struggling to lip-read through the strobe lights. You'll be able to have proper conversations with your guests and actually spend quality time together that you'll remember. Sure, there might be a couple of glasses of wine or bubbly involved, but you won't have to raise your voice or strain your ears. It'll be a calming environment, and all of your guests — of all ages and personalities — will be able to get something out of that.


You're about to get married, and chances are you're already thinking about beauty treatments you could have before your big day. For the record, you're already perfect as you are, just as your spouse chose you — but a little pampering can be fun and calming, so it's good to treat yourself. You could say that heading to a spa with your hens is killing two birds with one stone, but it's much more fun than practical, and efficient choices usually are!


You and your guests can spend all day in the spa with your passes, and that means there's no running around or panicking about getting ready, calling taxis, getting to the bar before the price goes up — or any issue of the sort, really. Once you're there, all you need to worry about is getting into a good headspace and allowing the various treatments and massages, as well as the calming environment in general, to work its magic. Nothing could be more stress-busting.

Again, everybody's different, and it won't suit every personality type, but visiting the day spa for your hen party is certainly a worthy option to consider. Frankly, it might be worth trying to persuade the bucks to do the same.