Tips to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

After pregnancy or rapid weight loss, many people battle with the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks will not have an impact on your health in any way, but for many, it decreases their self-confidence in exposing these areas in public. Thus, most people are at their wit's end trying to get rid of these marks. Medical procedures such as surgical planning are techniques that can be used to eliminate stretch marks. Nevertheless, these would have to be carried out by a licensed medical professional. If you would like an informal way of contending with your stretch marks, you should consider some home remedies. So what are some of the tips you could employ to get rid of stretch marks

Appropriate nourishment

Ensuring that your body is receiving the proper nourishment means simply eating healthy and increasing your intake of water. Fruits and vegetables contain various vitamins essential for healthy skin. These vitamins increase the elasticity of your skin. Also, keeping yourself properly hydrated ensures that your skin is producing enough collagen, which helps in keeping your skin smooth and supple. In addition to this, the increased water intake will also help in flushing out toxins in your system, thus boosting your overall health and wellness.

Cocoa butter and Shea butter lotion

These two lotions are enriched with vitamin E that is excellent for improving the appearance of anyone's skin. You can even go as far as getting vitamin E separately and infusing either the Cocoa butter or Shea butter. Then you should apply this mixture directly to your stretch marks religiously on a daily basis.

Olive oil

When most people hear olive oil, they think it is just meant for cooking. Surprisingly, it has a remarkable way of making your skin limber and malleable. Put a few drops in your bath water when taking a bath and soak in it. After that, you should rub the olive oil into the stretch marks several times during the day.

Even though you may be strict with the above home regimes in your battle against stretch marks, you have to keep in mind that home remedies may not entirely alleviate the problem. They could lessen the appearance of the stretch marks, but they are in no way a surefire method of getting rid of the problem once and for all. Thus, it is recommended to couple these home remedies with spa treatments such as laser therapy to combat the problem. This double-pronged approach is more likely to provide you with satisfactory results that are long lasting.